The disk space function displays the total volume of information that you could have on the cloud web hosting server at one time. With a desktop computer, for instance, this is the capacity of one hdd or the full volume of all of the hard disks in the event that the computer has more than just a single one. Exactly as the space on a personal computer is divided between installed software programs, docs, your music etc, the server hdd space is divided between site files, databases and email messages. Every single file, folder and email message requires a little storage space on the server, therefore you should take into account multiple factors, not only the size of the files that you upload. For example, receiving large e-mail attachments or having a script-driven site in which the user-generated content is saved in a database also affects the hdd space you are using.

Disk Space in Cloud Web Hosting

With our cloud web hosting plans, you'll never worry about hard disk space. While most suppliers make accounts using just a single server and sooner or later all the server disk space will be in use, we have implemented a cloud hosting system where the files, emails as well as the databases are handled by distinct clusters of servers. In this way, each and every machine works better since just one kind of processes is working on it, plus the hdd storage is virtually infinite since we can always install additional servers or hard drives to the cluster, depending on whether we want extra processing power or extra storage space. You will never encounter a position when you can't upload more files for the reason that there is no available hdd space on your server, that's an issue you may experience with various other providers. When you use our web hosting services, you can be sure that insufficient space won't be a holdback for the development of your web sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans have "disk space" as a feature only to highlight that it is absolutely unlimited. We were able to make that happen through the use of a revolutionary, custom cloud hosting platform, where your databases, emails and files will be kept on separate clusters of servers. We can add extra hard disks or entire servers to any of the clusters and whenever necessary, and furthermore our website hosting Control Panel was created to function with this kind of system. In comparison, the majority of Control Panels on the website hosting market can function only on one server, and regardless of what many suppliers advertise, they really generate many different accounts on just a single machine. Employing a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you will never have to concern yourself with hard disk storage limits and you will be able to direct your attention to expanding your sites.