If you have already obtained a cloud web hosting account through another hosting provider previously, you have probably came across a situation where you need to wait for hours, perhaps even for a couple of days to get your new account created and activated. The operation is typically automated, but with the vast majority of payment systems a new transaction goes in the queue and is executed when a live person sees it. With small website hosting companies, this may happen once a day at a certain time and if you've purchased an account from a reseller up to now, you have almost certainly waited for a long time. This way you lose long time in waiting around rather than spending it on handling your sites.

Instant Account Activation in Cloud Web Hosting

When you acquire a cloud web hosting plan from our company, you'll not have to wait since your new account will be activated right away. Within a matter of minutes we'll set everything up and we'll send you the account login information, so that you can start working on your Internet sites without delay. If you purchase a domain name along with the hosting plan, it'll be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your website is ready and you have the files on your computer, you can go ahead and upload them. If you pick any of our free script-driven apps to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s setup, it is going to be ready to use without any delay and since we are available at all times, you can order a brand new account even during holidays and get it activated immediately.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are created and activated right after they are ordered. You'll get the hosting Control Panel login information right away, so you're able to start working on your web site or upload any content which you may currently have ready on your computer. If you'd like to use one of the free script apps which we provide and you have picked it on the order page, you will have it installed and ready in just a couple of minutes as well and you'll be able to log in to the back office right away. The script admin area details will be sent along with the account Welcome e-mail. If you purchase a semi-dedicated server package from us, you won't ever have to wait around and you will not lose time because we work 24/7, which includes weekends and holidays.